DiceWise™ - Startup Growth Formula

Turn your business into a profit center by beating the odds

Hi there,

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My name is Quintus.

I've set up several start-ups from scratch, and I've build those companies out to millions of euro's in value.

I'm working with small business owners and corporate managers to rebuild their marketing system for continuously increasing profit structures.

Would you like to know how your business will benefit today from the tested scaleable marketing growth approach I've discovered with my team?

How to dominate your market

I happened to run into several practical and working 'rules of thumb' that you can use for growing your business.

It all starts with making some small tweaks here and there on your marketing systems and sales processes.

And it doesn't really matter if you're a small business owner with a great idea and little budget… or a corporate manager with too much money currently going down the drain with only mediocre profit growth results.

These entrepreneurial guideliness work for almost any business by design who operate in a large market.

It's as simple as learning some tricks to beat the odds: in essence I want you to discover how you can put 'getting lucky' in your favor!

Be in the Top Three

If you're like me and you don't want to end up with your business and brand 'below the fold', read on.

What I am about to share with you is for winners only.

Ok, if you're OK with second best, I'll allow your entry too. Hey, I'm in a good mood and professionals who are satisfied with a third place may join in too. But that will be the minimum line.

Dominating your market starts with accepting only a place on the winners podium.

(If you think winning is difficult, you should try failing!)

Are you up for it?

Big book of success secrets

Ok, here's the thing.

I was getting tired of explaining the success formula to the teams I've worked with and the teams I now work with.

So I thought about a way on how to create more winners around me without the need for me to explain everything again and again.

Hence, I started creating a business blueprint or success script on paper that others could read and learn and apply themselves whenever they want to.

Hey, it might even make then winners in their own area of expertise and business market as a FREE bonus… I don't mind.

This booklet can be yours to have too.

Are you interested in getting the goodies and reaping the rewards of successful business building yourself?

A small favour

Below I'll share with you the index of my upcoming book 'DiceWise™', which explains all the tiny secrets (and more) on how to build your business to success too.

Of, if you don't own a business but work for a larger corporate, you can 'borrow' those ideas for application in you team or department.

The best thing about success is that it's fun to share it with other winners!

What I want to ask you is a small favor, in return for being on the Early Bird list for FREE when my book 'DiceWise™' comes out in stores.

Would you like to send me your #1 'problem' that witholds you and/or your team from dominating your market?

What pressing question do you want to have answered in my book for you to get your value out of it threefold?

When will you be so excited to tell others about 'DiceWise™', because it helped you get your business on the fast track to success by tackling this one big pressing problem you cannot seem to overcome - yet?

Your response please

Fill in the blanks: "If I only got ______ (fill in the problem) fixed in the business I'm in, then I would be in the Top 3 Brands with my business. I have not been able to get ______ (fill in the problem) fixed until now, because silently I must admit to myself that I ____________ (fill in reason you tell yourself why you haven't fixed the problem)."

Mail your answers to info [at] dicewise (dot) com.

Please include your name and your profession/business.

Sneak preview

Allright, allright… many people have asked me if I could tell a little more about the book contents.

Sure, no problemo, I'll share with you the index or main contents of the book 'DiceWise™'.

Preview the contents here.

Now send in your answers to the above questions, and I'll let you know personnaly when my book comes out (no obligation for you whatsoever).

Feel good. Be the best. Enjoy success!

Your friend,


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Disclaimer: Remember, you are and always will be responsible for your own successes and mistakes.